Why we're here

84% of CEO don't trust their data

Data Quality

Organisations are getting geared towards being more data driven. With Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning on the move the choices are to step up or step out. But how can you do this when you don’t trust your data? The simple answer is that you can’t

92% of executives are worried about making big decisions

Decision Making

With the deluge of data executives are presented with on a daily basis, they are going information blind. How can they make decisions based on historical reports, outdated KPIs, lack of context. It’s a surprise it isn’t 100% of execs that a concerned about making big decisions!

34% of time spent selling

Sales Targets

With 34% of their time a week selling, a mere 17 hrs, it’s no wonder that more than 79% of sales organisations miss their targets by more than 10%. How much are your sales team bogged down with endless planning meetings, crunching numbers, tracking progress and other activities that could be automated?


What we believe

Our forecasting is based on the fact that your engagement with your customer is never as simple as just the top line revenue. You would need to consider demand elasticity, interests, margins, the products they buy and the products they return and so on to understand how a decision on one aspect (forecasting the top line) can affect all the others. Rolling up the forecast for each customer with all the factors under consideration, will help you to build a forecast with all the facts. Forecasting isn’t also just about setting quarterly or annual targets. Its also about understanding trends that lead to attrition, or guidance on price sensitivity. The question we should be asking ourselves is: ‘How can we use insights from customer trends that will help our sales team to sell better?’

Who we are



Flamboyant leader of a motley crew! A seasoned entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in both start ups as well as large multinationals, Akshay tries to balance the drive and vision of his team with a pinch of pragmatism to ensure things get done!


Per Anders

‘Yes, no, maybe’, are by far PA’s favourite words when given the potential solution to a problem. This ability to look at all aspects of any challenges that arise, helps guide the team to make the right decisions and build the best solution.