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Plan & track business performance extrapolating customer behaviour across multiple attributes – a true 360 model. We build a multi dimensional forecast across all facets of the customer, from finance, to product, to support, to present expected outcomes LEARN MORE

Breaking Information Silos

Reports in todays world are historic, are pegged to KPIs that often have to relation to the world we work in today and worst of all, provide business leaders a siloed view of how things work, Sales reports for sales, financial reports for financial teams… but what about how one affects the other LEARN MORE

Decision causality

By creating models across the business that connect the dots between the organisational silos, we can understand true causality of decisions by understanding the relationships of the data that are associated. Selling to a customer impact product strategy, supply chain, resources  etc LEARN MORE

Actionable Insights

At 3RDi, we believe in providing clients with actionable insights that help business executives to make and track the outcomes of their decisions. If information is power, then insights are all powerful. To achieve this we apply the data context, giving decision makers the full picture. LEARN MORE

Customer centricity isn’t a buzz word. It’s at the heart of everything we do.

Our forecasting is based on the fact that your engagement with your customer is never as simple as just the top line revenue. You would need to consider demand elasticity, interests, margins, the products they buy and the products they return and so on to understand how a decision on one aspect (forecasting the top line) can affect all the others. Rolling up the forecast for each customer with all the factors under consideration, will help you to build a forecast with all the facts. Forecasting isn’t also just about setting quarterly or annual targets. Its also about understanding trends that lead to attrition, or guidance on price sensitivity. The question we should be asking ourselves is: ‘How can we use insights from customer trends that will help our sales team to sell better?’ This is what the team at 3RDi help you to do.                                                         .

A few things we’re great at

Apart from a penchance of taking the path not taken (often out of boredom), we are in fact, quite good at a number of things.

Empowering Businesses

Using our services helps businesses understand their customers and themselves better. We believe in connecting the information across silos to give you the answers you seek.

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Forecasts That Matter

A linear forecast is a thing of the past. You need to connect all the dots from both internal and external sources to develop a forecast based on a complete 360 view of the customer.

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Driving Decision Making

Information is power, then insights are everything. Beautiful graphs don’t help decision making, they just look pretty. Insights that describe outcomes are what really matter.

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Improving Data Maturity

Define rules that reflect data maturity across key attributes such as validity, accuracy, context and so on. This allows us to understand the quality of the forecasts on which decisions are made.

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Our Awesome Team

Work hard, play hard and believe completely in giving benefits to the customer. What more can you ask for.

Akshay Malhotra

Co-founder & CEO

Flamboyant leader of a motley crew! Akshay tries to balance the drive and vision of his team with a pinch of pragmatism to see things get done!

Per Anders

Co-founder & CTO

Define, design, digitise are Per’s three favourite words. Well, that and yes, no, maybe. Who said it was easy getting a straight answer from a Swede?

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