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A roadmap to trusting your data

Data Confidence

Improve the confidence business leaders have in their data with technology that identifies & removes bias. This increases forecast accuracy and helps reps to deliver their targets.

Understand the and plan for outcomes

Decision Causality

‘Connecting the data dots’ is the basis to understand decision context & causality. These automations give executives greater insight into how decisions affect business outcomes.

An advisor for every employee

Actionable Insights

Applying ML to clean, connected data, gives models that provide automated analysis & insights on the customer. Forecasting, churn, buying cycles are just a sample of what 3RDi offers.


Data Confidence

Sales reps often record data after the fact as they view their CRM systems as a tool of compliance or administration. Lost opportunities sometimes do not get logged in the system. Won opportunities get logged after they have been one. This has a significant effect on key metrics such as sales cycle, win ratio, that in turn affect forecasts on account targets, churn, buying trends and more. Prophesee lookf for and identifies anomalies in the data to give you a reading on the quality of the data the forecast was built on. This helps you to apprecaite how reliable your forecasts are, but then also to take steps needed to correct the problem.

Decision Causality

A butterfly flapping its wings in Japan can make very big changes in outcome, such as a tornado in Texas. While this may be an exagerated point, the fact still remains that there is significant causality in the world we live in. Prophesee takes accounts beyond the one dimension of ‘revenue’, to connect the dots across the characteristics they embody including the products made, seasonality, the resources needed etc. This model allows users to simulate scenario outcomes and to prepare for all eventualities. What if...

Actionable Insights

It is in human nature to be optimistic, especially sales reps who are convinced they can do everything better, more and faster. How much time do managers spend with reps challenging expected close dates, or inflated opportunities or optimism on targets? Prophesee generates natural language insights that applies context to the data to help and guide users on expected outcomes. ‘The close date for this opportunity is unrealistic as similar opportunities have taken 72 days to close.’ is a simple example of what users can hope to see.


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