Demand Forecasting

The relationship between the pipeline and the probability of winning orders is the best way to forecast short term demand accurately. This visibility allows orders to be sent to the factories with a goal to maximise routing efficiency based on factors such as carbon footprint, cost, stock levels and more.

Stock Management

Track inventory levels for individual products and forecast stock turn rate based on ongoing and incoming demand. Predict the risk of stock outs based on the turn rate in order to ensure that the stock levels are optimised to minimise costs and maximise on time orders (due to stock availability)

Product Introduction, Innovation & Segmentation

Model product launches based on historical successes (and failures) in order to predict the most likely outcome. Score products based on the value proposition resulting in segmentation that will facilitate decision making during production runs. Assess quality and track performance to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction with minimal costs.

Integrated Planning

Connect the data ‘dots’ between sales, finance, marketing, production etc to understand how the decisions or the performance in one function – can affect another. How do customer centric revenue and EBITA forecasts affect the business on a product level, and how does that in turn reflect on the materials and accessories needed to deliver to plan.


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