A true 360 across multiple attriutes to model the customer


Do you truly undertand your customer behaviour, what satisfies them and what doesn’t? Prophesee builds a model based on customer enagement to share insights you wouldn’t normally have.

Advice on each opportunity based on customer behaviour


Selling is a hard business and it is important to know which opportunities to chase and which not to. Based on the customer 360, the Prophesee Opportunity Score helps you make these hard decisions.

What are your customers interested in. What sells and what doesn’t


What are your customers buying from you vs. buying from your competition? Are you selling products in a growing market or in a shrinking one? These are some of the questions we help you to answer.



Plan & track business performance by extrapolating customer behaviour across multiple attributes – a true 360 model. Prpphesee takes a multi dimensional look at forecasting across all facets of the customer such as revenue (of course), seasonality, buying trends, price sensitivity, product interests and so on. The current behaviour is also tracked against the forecasts in order to ascertain if things are according to plan or if there are any significant deviations on the expected behaviour. With this insight, reps can always stay one step ahead of their accounts.


Having a customer 360 is a great tool, but when you take that modelling and apply it to every single opportunity in the pipeline, it takes sales analytics to the next level. The result is our opporunity score, looking at all the attributes beyond just the win ratio to ascertain not just the likeihood to win, but what needs to be done to win. More than just a number, the score is a rationale to guide sales reps to hit their targets time after time.


As with anything, key to any sales reps likelihood to succeed is the product or service they are selling. Of course there are those that could sell ice to eskimos, but the reality is that selling them ice-picks would make more sense. This is where Prophesee comes in, to guide sales reps on the product mix, what has worked and what hasn’t, what can they expect of any product or service cannibalisation, are there any upsell or cross sell opportunities. By building a trend on historic product sales, Prophesee can guide sales reps to maximise the opportunities they have in their pipelines.


If you want to know more about how Prophesee can help you to increase sales then drop us a mail and ask for a demo or trial.


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