Revenue forecast

While building an accurate forecast based on historical trends is important, understanding how to deliver it is essential. A target without a plan is just a number. By analysing how a revenue forecast is built and modelling it on these underlying factors before rolling up to the enterprise level, our solution presents the most realistic revenue outcomes and how they are to be achieved.

Financial risk

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that they way things were done in the past – is not how they will be done in the future. Business models are changing at an increasing pace, where as the models that businesses use to forecast outcomes are stuck in the previous decade. By calculating outcomes in real time based on the latest information, Prophesee presents users with early warnings on the financial risks, allowing businesses to take corrective measures proactively vs. picking up the pieces retrospectively.

Connected finance

Looking and financial KPIs and attributes in isolation presents users with tunnel vision on the targets they need to achieve. Our models look at revenue, margins, cashflow etc collectively to help users understand the implications of investment decisions. Connected data and causal influences in a world of connected finance.


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