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Sales Reps

Incentivise reps to add data into the system accurately by demonstrating the value to them – ease of use, calculation of commission, simulation of opportunity play book, deal advisory

From managers to leaders

Sales Executives

Saves significant time by dynamically generating forecast as the pipeline changes, guiding teams on outcomes (vs. guesstimates), allowing managers to lead rather than administer.

Driving businesses forward


Businesses often miss their forecasts by more than 10%. With Prophesee™ we help to improve accuracy & achieve targets by guiding sales organisations with customer centric closing.


Sales Reps

Sales reps love to sell. They do not like to push data into CRM systems as they don’t see the benefits to themselves by doing this. So how do you solve this problem? Prophesee has developed key tools such as the commission calculator and pipeline simulator that incentivises reps to put data into the CRM. Additionally we monitor all opportunity data to look for anomalies and pull them up as soon as they’ve been identified. We believe in the age old addage of ‘carrot and stick’, to deliver the results you need.

Sales Executives

Most sales managers have the same complaint, they spend too much time managing and too little time leading. What does this mean? Well, multiple meetings on putting the right data into CRM, countless hours in planning meetings, and so on. What if there were a tool to help you do all this? There is. Prophesee’s automated sales analytics takes all this admin away from you and helps to build the forecasts and expected close dates for you. You can then spend time with your reps shoring up their weaknesses, helping them to sell better.


With 79% of sales organisations missing their targets by more than 10%, things do not bode well for CxOs. With market dynamics across all industires today and the rapid changes we are seeing, this number is only likely to get worse. Unless you start using services like Prophesee, you will have to change from sales forecasting, to sales guessing. Using our x360 model of connected data, Prophesee aids CxOs to undestand how their business is faring holistically when needed and down to the minutiae as well, giving them the control they need to hit the targets they set for the business.


If you want to know more about how Prophesee can help you to increase sales then drop us a mail and ask for a demo or trial.


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